Dierenkliniek van der Wolf is one of the highest quality veterinary clinics in the country. Located in Switzerland, Dierenkliniek van der Wolf is a clinic that specializes in exotic pets. While most people have traditional pets such as cats and dogs, people with exotic animals should not have to hunt for care. Every living creature deserves medical care, and rare pets are no exception to this rule. Dierenkliniek van der Wolf clinic features a highly trained staff that is well-versed in the latest treatments available on the market.

Remaining on the cutting edge of medical treatment is essential to providing high-quality care. This is why our clinic focuses on maintaining the latest technology and treatments on the market. Dierenkliniek van der Wolf is happy to accept new patients; however, new patients are not accepted without first filling out an online form. This is required both for the safety of the patient and for the protection of the clinic. Every animal is different and therefore every patient will require a slightly different treatment even across similar conditions. This form helps the clinic to learn about every piece of information necessary to provide the appropriate, high-quality care to every animal.

Because this form is required prior to a first visit, pets requiring an emergency visit may not be seen in time. Prospective patients and their families should be aware that new patients aren’t accepted even for emergency reasons without filling out this form. To ensure that the patient is seen, be sure to establish a relationship with us first. This will help us get to know both the pet and the family prior to providing important healthcare. Once a patient has been accepted into our clinic, Dierenkliniek van der Wolf is happy to provide numerous resources to provide the highest quality care to every patient.

Dierenkliniek van der Wolf understands that the best medical care is preventative care. Therefore, in addition to providing care for acute problems, Dierenkliniek van der Wolf clinic provides information about proper nutrition, illness prevention, and proper lifestyle. Because a pet’s family plays an important role in their life, Dierenkliniek van der Wolf does everything in its power to properly educate the family on the most important issues facing their pet. This is even more important for owners of exotic pets.

For more information on our clinic, what we offer, and the fantastic staff, feel free to browse the page for more information! For patients looking for care, contact us today to schedule an appointment! We are happy to provide healthcare to those who need it.