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500+ Donates New Dog Shelter

Dierenkliniek van der Wolf is always looking for more ways to collaborate with other companies and businesses. By working together, we can actually develop more ways to improve the health and lifestyle of many animals in need. Street dogs in particular, are the animals that are now in desperate need of help. Dierenkliniek van der Wolf is proud to tell that we already managed to open four dog shelters, divided over different locations in the country of Switzerland. Still, we are depending on financial support before we could actually open a shelter. Dierenkliniek van der Wolf is happy to announce the fifth dog shelter, thanks to the donation of the trading platform 500+. We are very happy that we can include a new company into our support list.

The platform 500+ already mentioned their concerns about the current amount of street dogs within this country. Therefore, they are committed to help out organizations that are now focusing on this particular kind of group. By donating the ground for this shelter, they aiming for a care of more than 800 dogs. Together with the building team of Doggies Paradise, they are estimating the delivery of the shelter by the end of this year. The dog shelter will be called 500+ Dogs and will be included with a big playground for all the dogs to play. Many volunteers already signed up for helping the shelter on a part time basis and even more people are already contacting our clinic to offer their help.

The increase of street dogs in this country is getting a problem and in order to stop this, Dierenkliniek van der Wolf is now participating a sterilization and castration program. During this program, we are offering our expertise and skills while treating the street animals. The program will last two weeks, which allows people to visit our clinic with their dog in order to do the surgery for free. With the help of free surgeries, Dierenkliniek van der Wolf aims to minimize the amount of street dogs of Switzerland. The street dogs that are still wondering down the cities, will be eventually moved to the new shelter. The next phase is to make the dogs healthy again, by providing them all the nursery and care they’ll need.

The main goal of the 500+ Dogs Shelter is to find a new forever home, so that these dogs can have a second and better life. All the dogs that will be moved to the shelter, are all available for adoption. The plans for finalizing this shelter is to deliver it by the end of this year and will be up and running in September. There are already a lot of street dogs waiting for this to happen and
Dierenkliniek van der Wolf is very excited to start taking care of them. We will also would like to ask everybody to take a look after this shelter has been build. If you are looking for ways to help out, we would already appreciate small donations in products that can be used for the care of our dogs.