While the Dierenkliniek van der Wolf clinic provides some of the most experienced and highly trained staff in the area, this care goes even farther when it is paired with the state of the art facilities at the clinic.

First, the Dierenkliniek van der Wolf clinic provides the most advanced radiology equipment on the market. Radiology scans are vitally important to seeing what is going on with a pet under the surface of the skin. Examples of radiology scans include x-rays, CT scans, ultrasound scans, and MRIs. All of these modalities vary in what they can see. Some scans are better for looking at bones while others are better for looking at soft tissues such as muscles and ligaments. The ability for this clinic to provide quality radiology images is essential to making the proper diagnosis and deciding on the most appropriate treatment.

Dierenkliniek van der Wolf clinic also possesses accurate EKG machines. An EKG is an essential tool in any healthcare setting because it takes a look at the heart. The heart beats using electrical conductivity. This electricity is monitored by an EKG scan. These EKG scans read the electricity of the heart provide information on how the electricity is being conducted through the heart. With this information, healthcare providers can make key decisions on the health of the heart.

Dierenkliniek van der Wolf clinic also possesses important laboratory equipment that can analyze the blood of its patients for signs of infection, elevated cholesterol, or organ health. The ability to perform these important tasks on site means that patients can receive information and treatments in a timely manner. When patients require surgery, the proper equipment is necessary for a successful operation.

Featuring important surgical and dental equipment, the surgeons can perform even the most delicate of tasks with the precision that is needed in the surgical field. Investing in the latest equipment is important for ensuring that veterinarians have the ability to provide the proper care to their patients. This includes dental care. Preventative dental care is very important for people as well as animals but sometimes a dental procedure is important for maintaining the overall health of a patient. When it comes time for a surgical procedure, proper anesthesia is key. This ensures that the patient remains still yet doesn’t feel the pain of a surgical operation.

To make this a reality, Dierenkliniek van der Wolf provides the most advanced anesthesia equipment on the market. This not only prevents pain but also ensures that the patient’s heart, lungs, and brain remain functional even while they are placed unconscious for the procedure. After any procedure, every patient is properly monitored to make sure they are ready for a proper recovery. Surgery places every living creature under a significant amount of stress. The proper facilities are required to ensure that every procedure has the greatest chance for success. When it comes to the well-being of our patients, Dierenkliniek van der Wolf does not hold anything back. We feature the most advanced facilities on the market to ensure that the clinic is prepared to meet the myriad needs of our patients.