Dierenkliniek van der Wolf provides high-quality care to patients during its normal business hours. Dierenkliniek van der Wolf is open from 0900 to 1700 Monday through Friday. Furthermore, Dierenkliniek van der Wolf offers extended hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 0800 to 2000. These are special clinic hours to see patients who have unique problems or otherwise cannot attend the normal business hours.

We understand that most people have jobs and sometimes cannot take time off of work to attend a clinic appointment during normal business hours. For this reason, we offer extended hours twice per week. Furthermore, owners should understand that to make an important diagnosis and provide proper treatment, certain tests or bodily samples might be required because these samples provide important information. If owners are advised that a urine or stool sample is needed, owners should do everything in their power to bring this to the appointment. While this might be hard to acquire, especially for those exotic pets, it can save valuable time on making a diagnosis and starting treatment if this sample is already at hand at the time of the visit. Sometimes, patients get injured and will require an operation to correct the injury. Some patients might even have an abnormal growth that might need to be removed. In these situations, a surgical procedure might be necessary.

Owners should know that Dierenkliniek van der Wolf clinic does provide surgical treatment if necessary. For pets and owners, a surgical procedure can be anxiety provoking and certainly comes with its risks. While owners might be nervous, they should know that our clinic provides the highest quality surgical care available. Our staff is well-versed in the latest techniques and provides the latest technology to maximize the opportunity for a positive outcome. Finally, the clinic also provides key vaccinations to the appropriate patients. There are numerous dangerous diseases that can make animals seriously ill. Vaccines are a safe, powerful, and effective way to prevent these illnesses from developing in patients who receive the vaccination. It is imperative that pet owners bring their pets to Dierenkliniek van der Wolf clinic to receive the appropriate vaccinations. They are an essential part of pet safety and ownership. Furthermore, depending on the vaccine and pet, they may be required by law. We understand that the cost of medical treatment for pets can be prohibitive. Therefore, Dierenkliniek van der Wolf clinic offers special payment plans for those needing financial assistance with their medical bills. For more information, contact our clinic at 123-456-78-90 to schedule an appointment. Our staff looks forward to meeting you!