The Dierenkliniek van der Wolf Team

Dierenkliniek van der Wolf veterinary clinic is staffed by a highly trained staff that is well-versed in the latest techniques and treatments for a wide variety of medical injuries and illnesses. Combining the highest quality education with a long and impressive track record of healthy and satisfied patients, the staff at Dierenkliniek van der Wolf clinic is well prepared to take care of every patient. The staff is made up of a senior veterinarian, a junior veterinarian, two assistant veterinarians, and three interns.

Hans Henson is the senior veterinarian and brings a massive amount of experience to the table. In addition to his passion for veterinary medicine, Henson loves to relax outside of work. He spends a significant amount of time playing at the LeoVegas online casino. A skilled casino player who has had success in a variety of arenas, the LeoVegas online casino provides Henson with the relaxing atmosphere he needs to unwind before returning to work ready to provide care to all patients.

Working with Henson are numerous junior and assistant veterinarians along with interns. The Dierenkliniek van der Wolf clinic prides itself on providing education to the next generation of veterinarians. While Henson certainly has the experience to provide top-notch care, it is important that the rest of the clinic staff has the opportunity to learn from one of the greatest veterinary doctors in the field. Learning from Henson, the rest of the staff gains valuable experience and is provided with a real-life education that they can apply to their own patients. When it comes to improving veterinary medicine for all patients, the importance of education cannot be overstated. The combination of young healthcare providers and experienced veterans leads to a unique setting for the best veterinary care available. Come visit our clinic and see what our veterinary care can do for your loved one!